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Common Mistakes Made after a DWI ArrestFirst, it is important to understand the breakdown of what happens when you got pulled over and arrested for a DWI. People wh...How Do You File a Claim for False Arrest and Excessive Force in New York City?To speak with an experienced civil rights lawyer regarding your false arrest or excessive force case, call Lebedin Kofman tod...Is a DWI a Felony in New York?The state of New York takes drunk driving offenses very seriously. But DWI charges and penalties vary depending on many diffe...I GOT UPSET AND CALLED THE COPS ON MY SIGNIFICANT OTHER CAN I DROP THE CHARGES OR WILL THEY GET ARRESTED FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE?As criminal defense attorneys in NYC, we hear this question from people we speak to almost daily. It is very common that coup...How Refusing the DUI Test Affects Your LicenseRefusals are a whole subsection of DWI law on their own. Someone who refuses the breath or blood test will need to have a DMV...Alternative Programs for First-Time OffendersIt is important to know the landscape of where the case is heard. In Manhattan, for example, there are no alternative program...How Do You Win a DWI Case in NY?When facing DWI charges in New York, you are considered innocent until the prosecution has proven you guilty beyond a reasona...Are DWI Cases Involving Drugs Common?It is difficult for police officers to detect if you are under the influence of drugs unless they pull you over and there is ...Ignition Interlock DevicesUnder New York State law, no person shall knowingly rent, lease, or lend a motor vehicle to a person known to have had his or...Laws about BAC Levels below 0.08You should not be arrested if you have a blood alcohol content (BAC) reading between 0.00 and 0.04. In that case, it would no...How To Get a Domestic Violence Case Dismissed?According to the National Coalition for Domestic Violence, approximately 20 individuals per second are abused by a domestic p...Lebedin Kofman LLPLebedin Kofman LLP are New York City criminal defense attorneys who represent clients that are charged with crimes such as fr...